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The NEMO senior partners DNV GL, Fraunhofer ISE and EMD strengthened their collaboration through offering the NEMO tool suite as a service for automized grid planning to DSO and grid service providers. Interested parties will have the opportunity to use the whole tool suite or a combination of the tools depending on the relevant challenges in their electricity grids with an influence on grid planning.


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With a staff of approximately 1,200 Fraunhofer ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. The work at the institute ranges from the investigation of scientific and technological fundamentals for solar energy applications, through the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems. The NEMO tool suite is a service of the department "Smart Grids" which has a long-standing experience on system integration and economics, energy management and distribution grids as well as communication networks and user behaviour.

Within the NEMO tool suite Fraunhofer ISE is the responsible contact point for requests in Germany:
Contact: Bernhard Wille-Haussmann,


EMD has over 20 years of experience within software development, preparation of detailed feasibility analyses, study appraisals and second opinion analyses for many different types of distributed energy projects. It is in a position to give an unbiased appraisal of the viability of cogeneration, RES and other energy projects at a particular site.

Within the NEMO tool suite EMD is the responsible contact point for requests in Denmark:
Contact: Anders N. Andersen,



DNV GL, with more than 2,300 experts in over 30 countries around the world, is committed to driving the global transition toward a safe, reliable, efficient, and clean energy future. With a heritage of nearly 150 years, we specialize in providing world-class, innovative solutions in the fields of business & technical consultancy, testing, inspections & certification, risk management, and verification. As an objective and impartial knowledge-based company, we advise and support organizations along the energy value chain: producers, suppliers & end-users of energy, equipment manufacturers, as well as government bodies, corporations and non-governmental organizations.

Within the NEMO tool suite DNV GL is the responsible contact point for requests in The Netherlands:
Contact: Martijn Huibers,


Practice partners from the NEMO project:

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Ringkøbing Amts Højspændingsforsyning a.m.b.a (RAH) delivers electricity to large parts of private households, institutions and companies in Jutland with approximately 35,000 customers. The supply area covers an area of ​​1,450 km2.
The distribution of electricity to customers and shareholders is the core competence of RAH with a focus on proximity, quality, security of supply and price.



Ringkøbing Fjernvarme (RFVV) is a district heating company owned by the 4,100 heat consumers. The CHP capacity at RFVV is a 6.2 MW gas turbine and a 8.87 MW gas engine. It has installed a 12 MW electrical boiler and a 15,000 m2 solar collector. The thermal stores of RFVV could allow the flexible operation which is needed for integrating EVs and wind energy plants into the electricity network. In this context, the two thermal stores at the Rindum plant are 3,000 m3 and 2,500 m3 while the thermal store at the solar heat plant is 1,500 m3.

RFVV sells electricity in the spot market and participates in two of the balancing markets, the regulating power market (tertiary control) and the primary reserve market, with both the CHP-units and the electrical boiler.

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