A tool suite for automized grid planning

The NEMO tool suite identifies weak grid segments and looks for smart and cost effective measures counteracting such problems. Between the tools SIMTOOL, energyPRO and PLATOS an exchange of grid data parameters and time series representing schedules of generators, loads, or EV has been implemented. The NEMO show case designer is the graphical user interface which interconnects the tools in a user-friendly way. The working process and the interaction between these programs are shown in the figure below. The core is provided by SIMTOOL’s fast and efficient load flow simulation and analysis requesting energy market-driven profiles from eneryPRO. Depending on the set restrictions profiles are returned where DSM is applied according to the constraints defined by the grid analysis. These time series are simulated and analyzed in the electricity network. If voltage and current criteria cannot be met with economic grid-friendly DSM strategies PLATOS is applied to evaluate grid reinforcement.

NEMO Tool Suite Interaction

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