About NEMO

The NEMO tool suite is the major outcome from the "Novel E-MObility Grid Model" project, part of the ERA-NET Plus programme electromobility+, which aimed on managing the power grid within the key dimension "strategic research on technical dimensions of the recharging, storage and distribution systems". The project lasted from May 2012 to June 2015.

NEMO challenge

The effects from renewables on the power grid were analysed in numerous projects and played a central role in designing the NEMO tool suite. However, as being a new and mobile load, the focus is especially on electric vehicles (EV) and the interplay with renewables. Due to the rising importance of EV an urgent need evolves for new tools which support DSO and TSO in preparing for these challenges.

NEMO service

The NEMO simulation and optimisation tool suite assesses the impact of EV, fluctuating renewables, cogeneration and heat pumps on the power grid. The tools PLATOS, SIMTOOL and energyPRO from the partners DNV GL, Fraunhofer ISE and EMD are integrated into a techno-economic framework for impact studies on all grid voltage levels. Finally, the tool suite is an excellent innovative framework for automized grid planning.

The NEMO tool suite is offered to DSO, TSO and grid service providers.


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